About Us


Founded in 2012, International Gulf Organization for Human Rights (IGOHR)’s primary objective is to improve and enhance the overall human rights conditions in the GCC and abroad, while simultaneously developing actions and initiatives within the international legal framework. To further protect and uphold human rights globally, IGOHR aims to facilitate the following core objectives: actively participating in the GCC reform process of the legal systems, lobbying new laws and amendments to the existing laws, conducting field-based studies to report human and labor rights violations to the concerned state authorities and to the public, and most importantly, educating citizens and residents of the country on the basic principles of human rights.


IGOHR is a Geneva-based, non-profit organization (with a Dubai office) fully dedicated to upholding and implementing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at local, regional and international levels. Its membership is comprised of individuals, educators, and groups globally, who are actively protecting and promoting the human rights knowledge. More importantly, IGOHR does not hold on to any political strategy or scheme, rather it constructively aims to uphold international human rights norms and laws in the GCC region and globally.

IGOHR’s core purpose is to provide human rights educational resources and activities that specifically educate, assist, and unite individuals, educators, and organizations and other bodies. It further aims to disseminate and adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international and domestic human rights instruments in all societies.


IGOHR’s mission is to protect and uphold human rights around the world. We stand to prevent discrimination, to protect people from inhumane conduct, and to uphold justice in the world. We believe that we are most powerful when we collectively stand together for human rights. IGOHR will identify, analyze, and report human rights violations around the world.


  • Illustrate the real human rights conditions within GCC countries based on factual and evidentiary justifications
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the human rights systems and laws in the GCC countries
  • Educate citizens and residents of the GCC countries on the basic principles of the human rights
  • Lobby new legal regulations and amendments to the existing regulations and instruments pertaining to human rights in the GCC in order create strong legal base for the implementation and protection of human rights in these countries
  • Report human rights violation to the concerned state authorities and to the public in order to raise the awareness of the state authorities and to public about the human rights violations in the country
  • Provide technical and professional support to the victims of the possible human rights violations in order to ensure their access to the justice system of the country



IGOHR is fully committed to pursuing efforts to enhance the human rights culture, while maintaining with its own cultural identity and special characteristics, and cooperation with human rights bodies in the GCC and abroad. IGOHR respects the integrity of every individual residing in these countries and ensures to guarantee equality and social justice for all citizens stipulated under their constitutions and international conventions. This also outlines the freedoms and rights of all citizens, prohibits torture, arbitrary arrest, detention and respects civil liberties, including freedom of speech and press, peaceful assembly and association, and the practice of religious beliefs.

IGOHR has also increasingly been investing its energies to modernize the GCC countries’ laws, institutions, and practices. We aim to further advise various governments’ to help improve their welfare initiatives that focus on the empowerment of women, development of high-quality education and health care systems, as well as the assimilation of members of society with special needs and other vulnerable groups in to the development process. In the international arena, IGOHR aims to play an active role in environmental and natural resource while aligning its ongoing human rights efforts with international charters and customs to reflect country’s cultural heritage and religious values.


IGOHR is highly committed to improving the labor rights conditions of all workers in the region. With growing temporary labor migrant population, the IGOHR intends to advise the GCC governments to further implement ongoing efforts to modernize their laws and institutions to improve the labor rights and welfare of all temporary labor migrant workers. We are also continuously developing various international dialogues to further improve the development potential of temporary labor migrants in the UAE.

In addition, IGOHR has further developed key publications, including i-Report, IGOHR Policy Brief Series, IGOHR Labor Reports and statements, which critically explores complex and human rights and labor rights issues in the GCC region and of globally. They provide technical assistance and advice to both labor rights organizations, governments, and diaspora communities, helping to facilitate genuine dialogues on labor and other issues in the GCC region in particular. More importantly, IGOHR has increasingly aimed to provide policy recommendations to all concerned stakeholders, while simultaneously helping GCC governments align their national policies with the international labor standards and conventions.


IGOHR is strongly committed to the promotion of national, regional, and international laws and conventions related to all women and children. Given its long-term vision, IGOHR aims to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues and conferences to improve and protect the rights of women and children. By conducting field-based policy studies and reporting, IGOHR further enriches both academic and policy discussions, while at the same time highlighting core issues that impact the human rights of all women and children around the world.