Egypt: Promptly Investigate Bombing in Sinai

Egypt: Promptly Investigate Bombing in Sinai 26 February 2014

Sinai blast

IGO urges Egyptian authorities to immediately carry out a thorough and transparent investigation into the February 16 bombing of a tourist bus in Sinai.

The bus was carrying more than 30 South Korean Christian tourists. The blast killed three tourists, the Egyptian bus driver and wounded more than 13 others.

It was the first attack on tourists in Sinai since a series of bombings in Sinai resort towns from 2004 to 2006.

The Sinai-based group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis purportedly claimed responsibility for the attack “as part of our economic war against the regime of traitors … in order to paralyze their hands from [hurting] Muslims.” 

Since the military ousted Egypt’s last elected president, Mohamed Morsi, jihadists operating mostly in the northern Sinai have carried out hundreds of bombings, assassinations and at least one attack using a rocket-propelled grenade. The victims have included soldiers, police officers and Christian residents.

IGO expressed grave concern for the safety of people in Egypt. Egyptian authorities must identify and prosecute all those responsible for the attack in judicial proceedings that meet international fair trial standards.