IGO Condemns Barrel Bombs attack on School Children in Syria

IGO Condemns Barrel Bombs attack on School Children in Syria 19 November 2014

The International Gulf Organization (IGO) for Human Rights denounces the killing of 20 civilians, mostly children as a barrel bombs hit a primary school in north-eastern Syria.

Two barrel bombs were dropped on a rural school in Syria from an helicopter which local sources say its pilots are loyalists to the ruling governed. The twin bombs killed 20, most of them children and wounded dozen other civilians. This recent bomb attack by government forces is the second of its kind in three days apparently targeting school children. The first attack killed seven school children after twin missiles were dropped in a primary school in west-central Syria.

Article 38 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child stresses that all governments must do everything they can to protect and care for children affected by war. Thus the dropping of these barrel bombs on school children by forces loyal to Syria’s ruling government is a gross is a gross violation of this international law.

Anti-government forces also stand accused of targeting school children in the war-torn country. Last month, a car bomb detonated near a school followed up by a suicide car attack where some 48 people, including 41 children lost their lives.

IGO vehemently condemn the targeting and killing of school children by both the Syrian government and anti-government forces. IGO calls on the Syrian government to intensify its efforts in protecting innocent civilians especially school children. Syria should also work to ensure that children are able to attend schools in a serene and peaceful environment.