IGOHR Condemns the Death Sentence Against Yemeni Journalist Al-Jubaihi Issued by Houthi Rebels

IGOHR Condemns the Death Sentence Against Yemeni Journalist Al-Jubaihi Issued by Houthi Rebels 16 April 2017


The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights (IGOHR) condemns strongly the tyrannical judgment by a Houthi court in the Yemeni Capital of Sana’a sentencing journalist “Yehiya Abdul-Raqib Al-Jubaihi” to death. The journalist has been detained in  Houthi prison for 8 months with trail.

IGOHR believes this death sentence lacks the most basic rules of fair and honest trial as stipulated in the Yemeni constitution nor in line with international standards. The court refused to allow Al-Jubaihi and his attorney to practice the right of defense, therefore the judgment is illegal, reflecting the coup’s de facto authority that targeted all the fundamentals of media and press freedoms and took Yemen back to the totalitarian and authoritarian eras, spreading fear and terror among journalists.

IGOHR, also, believes that this unjust sentence was issued within the frame of the fierce campaign waged by Houthis militias against the freedom of opinion and expression. This is a systematic way used by the rebels in targeting public freedoms and bearing down heavily upon people working in media and journalism, by repeatedly assaulting, arresting and torturing them in regions controlled by Houthis. Their aim is to silence everyone practicing free journalism as well as those who criticize them or who do not abide by their policies.

On September 6th last year, members of the “National Security” Authority (intelligence body controlled by Houthis), accompanied by Houthi militants, raided the house of journalist “Yehiya Al-Jubaihi” and arrested him after searching his home and messing with his own library. They also appropriated his personal phone, computer and other personal documents including files containing his articles and studies.

The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights demands the immediate release of the Yemeni journalist Yehiya Al-Jubaihi, and all detainees in  Houthi Militias prisons, as Houthi groups abducted dozens of journalists on false charges of “communicating” with foreign countries and supporting Arab coalition countries. IGOHR asserts that this unfair death sentence unveils the criminality of Houthi militias and their tampering with the judiciary, which necessitates condemnation and action by the international community and the International Federation of Journalists, to take a bundle of deterrent measures that oblige these militias to respect journalists’ rights, as they perform a free, professional work guaranteed and protected by all human rights covenants, and general laws and constitutions in the world.

It is worth noting that Al-Jubaihi has been working as an independent journalist for many years and is known for criticizing the authoritarian rule of Houthi rebels and troops loyal to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh.Al-Jubaihi has a history in professional work in Yemen and also has a presence in Arab journalism. He previously worked as a professor of Media, teaching and training many media calibers in the formerly Khalifa Institute or Media College.