IGOHR Implores the World to Stand in Solidarity with the Palestinian People

IGOHR Implores the World to Stand in Solidarity with the Palestinian People 12 December 2016

The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights (IGOHR) – as well as human rights organizations, signatories of this press release, the human rights movement across the globe, in addition to justice/equality/freedom-loving nations and movements against colonialism and Zionism – participates in the celebration of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People commemorated annually on November 29th. This day was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution no. (40/32 B), dated December 02nd 1977 and re-affirmed in its resolution no. (65/34 D), dated December 12th 1979. This day actually constitutes an opportunity to ignite the interest of the international community and turn its focus towards the truth behind the Palestinian cause, that is a cause of a people tormented by occupation, settlement, racial discrimination, murder, displacement, attempts to erase its national identity, as well as cultural, civil, social and humanitarian history, to destroy its historical and religious legacies, in addition to confiscating its land and tumbling down its civil and economic capacities.

The 29th of November was specifically chosen due to the meaning and significance it carries for the Palestinian People. On this day, in 1947, the General Assembly issued resolution no. 181 (2-D),  which later became known as the Partition Plan for Palestine. This resolution stipulated the establishment of a “Jewish State” and an “Arab State” in Palestine, while placing the Jerusalem region under a special international regime, due to its special status.

Palestine was in existent in this plan which specified the establishment of the two States mentioned above. It is therefore important to highlight that the State of Palestine, its land, people, civilization and culture have existed throughout history; interests of great powers and the imbalance of international justice caused the demolish of its existence. This day of commemoration carries a condemnation of the historic injustice that affected the Palestinian People – due to this partition – and of all its consequences resulting in injustice, suffering, violations and crimes against humanity. It is an annual occasion to remind the international community of the truth behind the Palestinian cause, as well as of their own international responsibility to develop just and fair solutions for Palestine and to affirm, both international and nation-wide responsibilities, in order to regain non-negotiable rights of the Palestinian People, as indicated by the General Assembly. Those rights are: the right to self-determination and choice of one’s acts without external compulsion, right to national independence and sovereignty, grant forcibly displaced Palestinians the right to return to their homes and possessions. It is also noteworthy to mention that on the 29th of November 2012, Palestine joined the United Nations in the capacity of “a non-member, Observer State”. Today, 136 countries acknowledge Palestine and the flag of the latter is displayed at the UN, alongside flags belonging to all member states.

This year, we commemorate the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian People in shading light on the escalating risks of violation with regards to the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of many Arab nations, in an attempt to break them down by confiscating their right to self-determination and initiating aggression against those nations. The latter resulted in an escalation of rabid attacks, conducted by the soldiers of the Israeli occupation and armed settlers against the Palestinian People. The most significant and dangerous attacks consist of public executions of hundreds of citizens, over the Israeli military barricades – including women and children – apprehensions of thousands of citizens (especially apprehensions of women, children and civil leaders) and the humiliating, cruel and inhuman conditions they endure in detention. Additionally, there is the demolition of tens of houses in the West Bank and Jerusalem, proceeding with the construction of settlements, tearing up the occupied territories, controlling Palestine’s natural resources, as well as tightening a blatant blockade over Gaza, in a policy that aims at undermining Palestinians’ right to establish their own independent State, with Jerusalem as its capital.

In the light of this tragic reality, the Palestinian People continues to face aggression against their rights, latching on to its choice of peaceful resistance, in all its shapes and forms, in a third Intifada (uprising). Through this initiative, it hopes to attain fixed and stable rights, in alignment with the increase and the rise in the circle of voices and initiatives supporting the durability of the Palestinian People, that the world is witnessing nowadays. This support is conducted by several democratic powers, parliaments, movements, as well as cultural and academic events for human rights, demanding a complete boycott on all economic, cultural and academic levels of the Zionist entity as a whole, in an attempt to halt oppression, in addition to put an end to political, racist and discriminatory violations, committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian People and to assist the latter in its fight to attain its rights, sovereignty and independence in its own land.

The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights salutes the International Day for Solidarity with the Palestinian People and would like to express its support for the just and legitimate demands of the Palestinian People, in the face of the Zionist occupation forces and would like to affirm the following:


1-      To Support the path of struggle of the Palestinian People and its resistance against the Zionist occupation authorities, in defense of its fixed, legitimate right to independence, return, self-determination as well as the establishment of a Palestinian State, with Jerusalem as its capital.


2-      To condemn the continuous aggression and violations, committed by the Zionist occupation forces, as well as their policies based on separation and racial discrimination against the Palestinian People and to demand the international community to assume its responsibilities in full, with regards to ensuring legitimate and just rights, in favor of the Palestinian People; to impose political and economic sanctions on the Zionist entity; to refrain from placing the Palestinian People’s right to freedom – and ending this occupation – in the hands of American circles and their strategic interests in the region, which are identical to the policy adopted by the Zionist occupation authorities, aiming at continuing their occupation of Palestine.


3-      To stand against the Zionist occupation authorities’ continuous renouncement from commitment to international humanitarian law and the international human rights law, their refusal to admit that the above mentioned laws are applicable to the Palestinian People – being a people under occupation – as well as their continuous violation of their rights. The precedent facts are sufficient causes that require turning to the UN Security Council, for them to implement a special regulation system to ensure international protection for Palestinians. The High Contracting Parties of the Geneva Convention has to assume their ethical, political and legal responsibilities, to apply pressure on the occupation forces, in order to accept application of such agreements and clauses to the Palestinian People – in its capacity as an occupied State. The current circumstances also require turning to the International Criminal Court, in order to put leaders and politicians of the Israeli occupation authorities on trial, for war crimes and crimes against humanity which they committed against the Palestinian People.


4-      To use the international humanitarian law and the international human rights law; to combat the Israeli occupation authorities; to confront and fight against violations and war crimes committed by the latter against the Palestinian People since the very early days of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories; to refrain from undermining the act of confronting Israel before various international forums; to expose Israel’s policies; to form a pressuring international lobby and finally to continue working on increasing the international isolation of Israel until imposing international sanctions against it.


5-      To emphasize the importance of the Palestinian National Authority’s commitment to the international humanitarian law, the international human rights law, as well as to several agreements and treaties it may commit to. To call on the Authority to continue with the current approach of harmonizing Palestinian laws – in the light of this confession – and to respect the rights of the Palestinian individual, as well as to fight against all types of discrimination Palestinian people are subjected to.


6-      To denounce the inhuman policies adopted by the occupation forces in Jerusalem especially those related to imposing strict constraints against Palestinians, while violating their rights and freedom of travel, changing Jerusalem’s identity and its demographic traits; to call for a halt of all occupational activities and Judaization, which leads to erasing Christian and Islamic presence in the Holy City.


7-      To demand the release of all Palestinian captives, to put criminals affiliated with the Israeli occupation authorities on trial for the crimes of torture, murder and mutilation they committed, affecting children over the periods of their arrest and detention.


8-      To condemn the continuous increase in the circle of normalization with the Zionist entity in all political, economic, touristic, sports-related, academic domains, as well as in trade transactions – especially in the Arab, Islamic nations.


9-      To affirm that Zionism should be considered a settler-colonial, racist and aggressive movement, constituting a threat to international peace and security, to promote an increase of attention to the Palestinian cause, while giving it the importance and priority it deserves in the work agenda of different international bodies, nations and organizations concerned with human rights, as well as the agendas of Arab, Islamic and international civil society foundations.


10-  To renounce the failure of the international community and the United Nations to execute the resolutions issued by the Security Council, as well as the resolutions approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations and its affiliated bodies – especially those approved by the International Court of Justice – which are in favor of the rights of the Palestinian People. This leads us to believe that the UN adopts a double-standards approach, when dealing with the Palestinian cause and allowing the Israeli forces to persist in their racist, discriminatory policies and procedures, in addition to their inhumane crimes.


On this day, of international solidarity with the Palestinian People – as well as on all the other days – we call for a unification of all governmental, popular and national efforts to increase their international support movement for the Palestinian People, in order for them to finally attain and received their historic rights to the land and to establish an independent national State, with Jerusalem as a capital. We also call for supporting the struggle of the Palestinian People, its commitment to international legitimacy and resolutions – namely: resolutions no. (181), (194), (242) and (338) issued by the United Nations – its perseverance in its territory, as well as supporting Palestinian refugees wherever they may be located and to ensure their authentic right to return to their homes. All should to put an effort into pressuring world’s great powers, in order to pressure the Israeli occupation forces to assume their responsibilities and commitments towards the Palestinian People.




:This Press Release is Signed by the Following Organizations


Number Organization
1 The Arab Federation for Human Rights
2 The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights
3 Ecumenial Alliance for Human Rights and Development
4 Egyptian Foundation for Human Rights and Training
5 The Arab Center for Law
6 The Arab Initiative for Education and Development
7 The General Assembly for Human Rights
8 One World Foundation for Development and Civil Society
9 Association for the Protection of Environment
10 Sama Al-Kheir Association
11 Qistas for Legal and Constitutional Rights
12 Al Dameer Association for Human Rights
13 Al Omam Association for Human Rights
14 Cultrual Park Association
15 Ataa Al Khair Association
16 25January Center for Human Rights
17 Sanad Misr Foundation
18 Human Rights Center for the Assistance of Prisoners
19 Khotwa Association for Human Rights
20 Haqi (my right) center for Human Rights
21 Human Rights and Democracy Media Center (SHAMS)
22 Haqi Center for the Preservation of Rights and Freedoms
23 The Consulting Center for Rights and Freedoms
24 The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights
25 Arab Bridge Center for Development and Human Rights
26 National Association for the Dissemination of Political Awareness
27 Huqooq Al Nas Center
28 The Arab center for Rights
29 Al Ofoq Center for Development and Dialogue
30 Bent Al Badiya for Human Rights
31 The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture
32 The Arab Center for Human Rights and International Peace
33 Organization for Social Change Through Education in the Middle East
34 Mabade’a Society for Human Rights
35 Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies