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India’s Crying Childhood

India’s Crying Childhood

The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights (IGO) expresses deep concern for the state of children in India where several disturbing media reports suggest that their rights are being broken with impunity.

India is home to largest population of children in the world. An estimated 430 million children live in the country- constitute over one-third of its population. Yet India has a very traditional society and outlook where kids are highly dependent on their caretakers and are expected to be submissive and obedient.

The Indian government ratified the United National Convention on Rights of Child in 1992- 22 years ago- yet, children remain one of the most marginalized and neglected groups in the country.

This report explore five topics, namely abuse, child marriage, malnutrition, missing children, trafficking and child labor. Using a combination of latest statistics, interviews and media reports, it attempts to sketch out the children’s rights crisis that exists in India.

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