Israel: Escalating Violence Must Stop

Israel: Escalating Violence Must Stop 12 November 2014

The International Gulf Organization (IGO) strongly denounces the escalating violence and tension between Israelis and Palestinians in major cities of Israel.

In recent incidents, an Israeli soldier and a woman have been killed, and two others injured in separate stabbing incidents in Tel Aviv and the occupied West Bank. The first knife attack involved a Palestinian teenager who stabbed a 20-year old Israeli soldier in Tel Aviv. The teenager was later arrested by the police. In the second attack, another Palestinian man stabbed three Israelis in the West Bank killing a 25-year-old woman and the two other victims sustained severe injuries. The Palestinian man was later shot by a security guard.

IGO condemns these knife attacks by Palestinians as it is set to increase the already polarized situation in the region. The stabbings is against the right to life of these Israelis victims as stated under international law. IGO calls on the Israeli government to swiftly and properly investigate on the two attacks and to hold responsible perpetrators of these crimes.

In addition, IGO urge both the Israeli and the Palestinian governments to collaborate fully with the independent committee set up by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to examine the recent conflict in Gaza. The team is mandated to thorough investigate into violent incidents where UN facilities – including schools run by the UN agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) – sustained hits resulting in the deaths of numerous innocent civilians and UN staff members. It was reported that more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed during the fighting, including more than 500 children, and more than 70 Israelis while also damaging or destroying over 100,000 homes.

IGO stresses that such acts of violence may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity and the perpetrators should be brought to justice. IGO also urge both governments to resume their peace building process and work together to implement sustainable and lasting solution to end the violence and tension in the region and to further ensure reconstruction of Gaza.