Morocco Investigate Death of Saharawi Human Rights Activists

Morocco Investigate Death of Saharawi Human Rights Activists 02 October 2014

The International Gulf Organization (IGO) for Human Rights calls on the Moroccan authorities to promptly investigate the death of Saharawi political prisoner and human rights activist, Hasena Elwali Aleya.

Hasena recently died in a Moroccan military hospital after allegedly having suffered from critical health conditions in his prison cell. Hasena Elwali who was a human rights activist and a member of the Sahrawi Association against Torture, was serving a three-year imprisonment for his participation in the historical events in the occupied city of Dakhla 2011.

The Moroccan government has increasingly come under widespread criticism for its treatment of the Saharawi people in the occupied territories of Western Sahara. SeveralSahrawi activists are said to bearrested and arbitrarily detained without charge. Most prisoners are also in need of medical attention as they suffer from diseases and illnesses such as diabetes, heart and stomach complaints, liver and kidney infections, rheumatism, and skin irritations.

IGO reiterates that denial of medical treatment to prisoners that leads to their deathis against international humanitarian law. Morocco is obligated underthe Geneva Convention to protect the health of detainees in prisons. IGO therefore calls on the Moroccan government to investigate the death of Hasena and if medical negligence is found, to resolve the issue immediately in compliance with its international obligations.