The president of The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights (IGO) Calls for the People of Bahrain to Deal Positively with the Next Local and Parliamentary Elections:

The president of The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights (IGO) Calls for the People of Bahrain to Deal Positively with the Next Local and Parliamentary Elections: 19 November 2014

The president of The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights (IGO) consultant Mansoor Eisa Lootah called for the people of Bahrain to deal positively with the 2014 local and parliamentary elections.

He consider it as a national call that open the doors for the development of our political life and the removal of the congestions by giving priority to the national considerations  over and secondary allegiance and narrow polarizations. He considered it important to guarantee the rights of all the people and respect their beliefs and orientations, and to adhere particularly to the democratic system taking into consideration that Bahrain is one of the pioneers in the democratic practices at the level of the GCC countries.

Consultant Mansoor confirmed that vital participation in the election is one of the important instruments in the modern democracies. It represent an aspect of the political rights practices and it helps to restore the trust and the stability for our society.

On the other hand, non-participation in the elections means abstention from practicing of the political rights, a trend that does not help to develop the democratic progress and the political experiences in Bahrain. He indicated that the elections in November 22nd represent an opportunity for all the people of Bahrain to build a national project in the current stage and gather all the national and political parties around it.

The aim is to boost the national interests and guarantee the continuation of the democratic process that is launched with the beginning of the reform project adopted by HRH King Hamad Bin Eisa Al Khalfa, King of Bahrain. This will be achieved through a comprehensive and inclusive dialogue that gather the government and all the societies and the institutions which represent the civil society. These efforts serve the interest of peace and stability, and boost the reform and the welfare of the whole population.

Mr. Lootah confirmed the importance of keeping the practices peaceful and restoring to dialogue as an instrument to achieve the fundamental objectives that include the development and the firmness of the national unity.

He stated that the current stage is difficult one for the whole region considering the multiple challenges facing Bahrain, it is important to remain aware of the suspected plots against Bahrain that target obstruction of the reform process and the development programs. Therefore, participation in elections is a critical need; it is a constitutional right and a civilized practice via which our differences will not escalate into series clashes.

Mr. Lootah indicated the significance of the role played by the organizations and the bodies that represent the civil society in encouraging the voters to take part in the election process in Bahrain, he said that the role of those organizations and societies is a considerable addition to the political and social activities and an important factor for the stability of the society, that boost the election process. He warned against politicization adopted by some political societies and representatives of civil society. He reiterated the risks posed by the foreign agendas and warned against sympathizing with them. He warned also against the orientations that do not serve the national interests and that aim to harm the national peaceful coexistence and negatively affect the civil society and undermine its values.

He urged the Bahrain government, considering the sensitivity of this stage in Bahrain history, to intervene and take initiatives to bridge the gaps between the different sections and the components of the society. It is important to pre-empt the foreign conspiracies and agendas and surround the extremists and put an end to all the aspects of terrorism in Bahrain. The national orientations should be encouraged and the collective participation in state building. On the other hand, it is important to combat the sectarian and exclusive discourse, Mr. Lootah confirmed that these requirements are the responsibility of the political forces and the activists and public opinion leader and not only the responsibility of the government.

Consultant Mansoor Lootah calls on the political opposition societies in Bahrain to refrain from adopting negative positions towards the national rights, he noted that their ambitions should consider the individuality and the special characteristics of the Bahrain realities. They should work to achieve national reconciliation and draw wide national support for demands. It is wise to achieve our objectives gradually, so it is important for these societies to contribute to the efforts aim to building of the democratic process in Bahrain and keep away from ignoring its achievements to serve narrow agendas and harm the national interests. They should participate constructively in building the state of law and democracy beginning from the reform project that inclusively gather the government and the people. It is necessary to arrive at a comprehensive national and social contract that is based on the principle of the citizenship not on the politicization of religion and sectarian orientations, and that rejects taking advantage of religion to achieve political objectives.

Mr. Lootah warned against turning the Bahrain elections into a field for serious conflicts between those who work to end the event successfully and guarantee the stability of the state, and those who work to serve harmful agendas and intend to increase the tension and obstruct the development process. They work to achieve their aims through violence and terrorist actions to disturb the elections and prevent them from achieving their constructive objectives.

He indicated the necessity that the elections should be fully fair and it should be managed in accordance with the well-known global standards and monitored by the national and rights institutions such as the National Institution for Human Rights and the other societies concerned with the transparency and other civil society organizations.

He called on all the people of Bahrain to take into consideration the importance of the democratic experience and the critical role of the parliament. He said that it is also important to guarantee fruitful cooperation between the three authorities: the legislative, executive and judiciary authority to achieve the desired objectives and boost and guarantee respect for the human rights and the prompt justice for the victims.  He firmly indicated the importance of the mutual efforts and cooperation in the future to build the state and boost the democratic experience and guarantee its success in a way that bring welfare to all Bahraini people.