Yemen: iaIGO Condemns Deadly Suicide Attack on a Mosque in Sana’a

Yemen: iaIGO Condemns Deadly Suicide Attack on a Mosque in Sana’a 09 September 2015

The International Gulf Organization for Human Rights (iaIGO) vehemently condemns the suicide bomb attacks against a mosque in Sana’a, Yemen’s capital which resulted in the dead of over 30 civilians.

Twin suicide bombs exploded at a mosque and killed at least 32 people in the northern Jarraf district of Sana’a in Yemen. A suicide bomber blew himself up inside the mosque during an evening prayer session and a car bomb was detonated outside minutes later while people were carrying out the wounded from inside the mosque, thereby adding to the casualties. A further 100 civilians were seriously injured in the terrorist attack.

The ISIS militant group claimed responsibility of the suicide attack and it is the latest in a string of attacks carried out by the extremist group in Yemen.

In another attack last week, two staff members of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) were shot dead by unknown gunmen as they were traveling from the northern Saada province to the capital, Sana’a. This incident caused the humanitarian organization to cease its operations in the country.

iaIGO strongly denounces these car bomb explosions and deem it terrorist attacks which is a direct violation of international and regional human rights laws which may amount to crime against humanity. The Terrorist Bombings Convention 1997 describes terrorist or suicide bombings as “the unlawful and intentional use of explosives in public places with intention to kill, to injure or to cause extensive destruction to compel a government or an international organization to do or to abstain from doing some act.” The convention equally urges its member states to take measures to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of such terrorist acts.

Hostilities in Yemen which began in March 2014 have gradually spiral into a civil war between pro-government forces loyal to President Hadi and Houthis rebels. The rebels have ceased and held greater parts of the capital under their control. The chaos has favored the increasing attacks of extremist groups in the region thereby worsening its already existing humanitarian conditions in the Middle Eastern country. So far, over 4,500 civilians have been killed in the multiple attacks and fighting that ravages the country.

Therefore, iaIGO calls on the Yemeni government to promptly investigate the recent bombings and to bring to justice those responsible for the attacks. iaIGO equally urges all parties involved in fighting to cease fire and facilitate the safe delivery of relief aid in all parts of Yemen. iaIGO further calls on the UN Security Council to work collaboratively with Middle Eastern countries to assist Yemen to end the violence and restore political stability and peace in the country.